• Ghana Re
    Cedants Portal

    Welcome to Ghana Re's Cedants Portal.

    This Portal enables you Submit Facultative offers.

    click Next to walk through.

  • Account Creation
    and Login

    For a first-time user, kindly create an account by clicking on the New User,... Click here to Register button, filling and submitting the registration form.
    Go to your email and verify your account credentials.
    Login with your user credentials (Email and Password).

  • New Facultative
    Placement Offer

    For a new offer, fill in the form and attach your Policy schedule and Survey report
    Click "Check Application Status"
    Accept the terms and conditions and then Submit

  • Modify / Update an

    To modify an aready submitted offer,
    Click Load Previous Record and select the offer you want to edit from the list.
    Modify the parameters wanted and re-submit

  • Crate New offer
    from existing template

    You can also use an already submitted offer as a template for a new one.
    Click Load Previous Record select the offer you want to edit.
    Modify the parameters wanted and Submit as a new offer